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Libra series



Series Point

New patterned mesh offers extreme softness to user and it brings most

Moreover specially designed and engineered back frame makes the mesh in

area tight so that it supports user’s lumbar strong enough.
Also, LIBRA makes work efficiency maximized as it offers the best seating

solution by
multiple adjusting functions to fit user’s body.


Automatic Forward Posture - Normal Mode

This mode offers a fixed seat like other office chairs. The control button is pushed in when the rear end of the seat is lowered. This mode provides the leveled seat like other office chairs for the users who find the forward tilting mode awkward.

feature image 001
Automatic Forward Posture - Foward Tilting Mode

This mode is appropriate for those who lean on a desk to work most of the time. Push in the control button when the user tilts the upper body toward the desk and raises the rear end of the seat. A simple manipulation keeps the seat pan tilted forward which helps straightening the spine for correct posture and reducing pressure on the thighs for smooth blood flow so that the user can sit comfortably for a long period of time to do the work.

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Automatic Forward Posture - Automatic Mode

A person using the office chair continuously repeats the actions of sitting on a chair, leaning on a desk to use a PC or answer the phone and resting the upper body against a backrest while doing the work. The Libra helps minimizing the empty space behind the lumbar as the angle of the seat pan and the curvature of the backrest are automatically adjusted to the user's movement without manually manipulating them. This adaptiveness of the automatic mode supports the lumbar to maintain a natural S-curve of the user's spine and provides optimal comfort by evenly distributing the pressure on the back, waist and hips.

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Height adjustment of Headrest

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Height Adjustable Arm

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Fore-Backward and Width Adjustment

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Synchronized tilting mechanism

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Seat depth adjustment

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Seat height adjustment

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Tilt tension adjustment

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Tilt locking in 4 levels

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White Plastic Base

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